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Why Your Kitchen Needs an Ice Machine

You've made it your goal to have the fanciest and most convenient kitchen on the block. You've already stocked it with advanced appliances like double ovens and warming drawers. You've also added gleaming countertops and personalized décor. However, your kitchen doesn't feel finished quite yet. It will need a few more touches before it'll look fit for an experienced chef.

Many homeowners choose to add an ice machine to complete their kitchens. Even if your refrigerator contains an ice maker, you could still benefit from this convenient appliance. We'll explain more below.

How You'll Benefit from an Ice Machine

Like the ice maker in your freezer, ice machines create ice cubes and store them for later use. These appliances come with a number of advantages:

  • • You can store your ice here instead of cluttering your freezer.
  • • You have enough room to store a lot of ice. Ice machines usually fit more ice than the ice maker in your freezer-sometimes double or triple the amount. This means that you'll have plenty of ice for family gatherings, Christmas parties, birthday parties, cocktail parties, or other large events.
  • • You can make more ice more quickly. Even small ice machines can make 11 kg (25 lbs.) of ice every day. So if you run out of ice, your machine will produce additional ice in a hurry.
  • • You'll have ice readily available for drinks or foods that need to stay cool. You can expand your culinary repertoire to include foods like gelato, sherbet medallions, ice cream bombes, and more.

Yes-the ice maker in your refrigerator can make and store ice for you, but it doesn't do nearly as much and occupies valuable freezer space. Give your culinary repertoire a boost by adding an ice machine to your kitchen.

Where You Can Put Your Ice Machine

If you have small kitchen, or if you've already filled it with specialty appliances, you may think that you don't have enough space for an ice machine. Luckily, depending on what ice machine you buy, you can fit it almost anywhere, including:

  • • Your countertops: If you only need a small ice machine, you can purchase models that sit on your countertops. Place the machine out of the way so you still have plenty of space to prepare and cook. You should also measure the space between your countertops and overhead cabinets so you don't buy a machine that won't fit.
  • • Your cabinets/pantry: Some homeowners prefer to keep their appliances out of the way. If you have space under your counters or in your pantry, you can easily place the machine there. However, you should still place your ice machine near a water source and power supply for maximum convenience.
  • • Your floor: If you need a larger model for your parties, you should go with one that stands on the floor. These models can often produce 23-45 kg (50-100 lbs.) of ice per day, which means that you can even use them to fill your swimming pool on a hot summer afternoon.

If you want this convenient appliance, you can probably find space for it somewhere in your kitchen. Just use your creativity.

What Ice Machine Model You Should Buy

How do you decide which model works best for you? You can decide based on your space requirements, as outlined in the section above. But if you have plenty of space, you'll have to take your other needs into account. For example:

  • • If you have a small family, you don't need much ice. You can settle for one that makes 11 kg (25 lbs.) of ice per day.
  • • If you never plan to host parties, you don't need a big ice machine.
  • • If you have a large family (6+), then you should probably purchase an ice machine that produces 23 kg (50 lbs.) of ice per day.
  • • If you have many friends and neighbours who like to visit, you should also buy a larger machine.

When you've analysed your needs, look for energy-efficient appliances. Your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and microwave already use a lot of energy. If you buy an energy-efficient ice machine, you won't see a huge spike in your power bill.

You can also select an appliance based on what kind of ice you prefer. Ice machines typically create three kinds of ice:

  • • Cube: This type melts the slowest, and it uses less water. However, it tends to stick together.
  • • Nugget: This type of ice has holes in it, and it also melts slowly. It feels softer, making it safer to chew, and it doesn't stick as much.
  • • Flake: While this type melts the fastest, it can also cool items more quickly. You can also mould it to any shape if you want to create an artistic culinary masterpiece.

No matter which type of ice machine you choose, you'll still have a quick, convenient way to chill your meals and drinks. Your kitchen will also look more sophisticated than ever. Use these tips to find the right model for your kitchen the next time you shop for appliances.