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9 Hacks to Create Extra Storage in Your Kitchen

You have every item you need for the perfect kitchen environment. You have top-of-the-line appliances, from your refrigerator to your stove. You even sprung for a wine cooler and an ice machine for endless cold drinks on hot summer days.

However, you and your family live in a smaller home, and all those appliances barely leave room for you to move around and use them. How are you going to fit all your kitchen tools and groceries in a cramped space?

We've got you covered. Follow these suggestions, and find a home for all the odds and ends around your kitchen

1. Hang cookware and kitchen gadgets from a pegboard or pot rack

Channel your inner Julia Child. The French Chef demonstrated that pegboards aren't just for hanging power tools out in the garage. If you have too many pots and pans to fit in your cupboards, add a brightly coloured pegboard to the wall. You could also purchase a pot rack to hang from the ceiling. What else are you doing with that space above?

2. Get creative with tension rods.

Tension rods don't cost much, but you'll find plenty of uses for them. For example, you can put one in a cupboard to hang extra supplies or use them to stand cookie sheets and cutting boards upright in your storage space. Plus, you can remove tension rods easily if you decide to reorganize your kitchen again.

3. Store more in your cabinet doors.

Your cabinets can likely hold more than you give them credit for. Buy adhesive hooks, and add them to the inside of your cabinet doors. You can organize your measuring cups, hang keys, or keep your washrags at the ready.

To maximize your cabinet space further, look up. If you have space above your cabinets, buy some baskets and containers (and perhaps a sturdy step stool) to hold more items.

4. Convert your false drawers.

Those drawers in front of your sink keep tempting you. You keep thinking you can use those drawers to store your odds and ends-and then remember that they don't actually open. Convert false drawers into functional space with hinges and a sink front tip-out tray.

5. Add a Lazy Susan to your corner cabinet.

You appreciate any bit of extra storage space, but you find it impossible to keep these awkward corner areas organized. Purchase a Lazy Susan, which revolves so you can easily access kitchen tools shoved in the back. You can also add hooks to keep pots organized in that tight space.

6. Use CD holders, magazine racks, and shoe organizers to your advantage.

Think outside the box-or the product's label-when you buy these organizational products. Are you tired of hunting for the right lid for your food storage container? Use a CD holder to organize them all. Do your kids keep asking you for snacks? Hang a shoe organizer in your pantry to store quick snacks at a level your kids can reach. Are you stuffing your freezer to the brim? Use a magazine rack to create makeshift freezer shelves. Look for inexpensive organizers and get creative.

7. Buy a kitchen cart.

Not everyone has the room or the money to add an extra cabinet or shelves, but you can get the same storage space with a moving kitchen cart. They come in all sizes to fit your kitchen areas. This solution is perfect for your crowded kitchen for one reason. If this extra storage space ever gets in the way, you can always move it to another part of the room.

8. Turn magnetic space into storage.

Your refrigerator isn't going anywhere, so why don't you use it for more space in your kitchen? Connect a magnetic container. Or add magnets to your spices and stick them straight to the side of your fridge. On a similar note, you can purchase a magnetic knife block in place of your standing knife block. Add it to the wall, and free up some much needed counter space.

9. Choose a kitchen island with more space.

A kitchen island will take up a lot of space in your kitchen; however, it's one of the most effective ways to use your space. You will have an additional area to cook or serve food, plus additional drawers for utensils. Look for a design that fits your needs. For example, some kitchen islands have a built-in wine rack.

Make Your Kitchen Functional Again

You love your kitchen-you just wish it were larger. You don't have to give up your appliances or kitchen tools. Consider the tips above. You only need a few inexpensive items to add more storage space, even in a tight area. By employing some clever tactics, your kitchen can once again be the perfect fit for you and your family.