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Tired of scrubbing dishes? Consider investing in a dishwasher!

It,s been a long, grueling day at work. You can't wait to kick your feet up after a hearty meal, but not before tackling the pile of dishes looming in the sink. Too tired to rollup your sleeves and scrub away at the grease? A dishwasher might just be the best purchase you'll ever make!

We know kitchen appliances can be a daunting purchase. If you're wondering whether it's worth the investment, consider these simple tips on how to get the most out of your dishwasher for crystal clear results and a more relaxed you!

  1. Don't overcrowd: a crowded dishwasher can impact cleaning efficiency and cause early wear-and-tear. Wash less tedious items by hand to make room for those hassle-prone pots and pans.
  2. Regroup items of a kind: keep your knives, spoons, forks, etc. together - this will make unloading the dishwasher a breeze.
  3. Load racks strategically: load plates and bowls in the bottom rack with their dirty sides facing the water spray, while pots, pans and casseroles should angle down. Tuck flat pans and platters along the sides of the rack, not in front of the door - this will ensure the detergent reaches the dishes.
  4. Use the right detergent: not sure which detergent to use? We suggest using the manufacturer recommended brand for optimal results. Remember, more is not necessarily better - extra detergent can leave soap residue behind.
  5. Skip the pre-rinse: scrape-off large food particles, but do not pre-rinse. Your dishwasher detergent's job is to cling to food and help wash it away.
  6. Get into a timely habit: run the dishwasher at night and unload in the morning. This way, you can put lunch containers and the mess from cooking dinner directly into the machine, keeping the kitchen pristin... not to mention, off-peak washing hours conserves energy.
  7. Choose your washer wisely: invest in a dishwasher that is rated for energy and water efficiency to save on your electrical bill. Atlas Appliances carries a good selection of Energy Star-rated dishwashers, which use 25 per cent less energy than conventional models.
  8. Now that you know how to get the best results from your machine, we hope you'll get to enjoy your well-deserved home time.

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