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Clean Kitchen: Tips to Keep Your Appliances in Tip-Top Shape

As the hub of your home, your kitchen acts as the meeting place for food, family, and fun. Whether you're throwing a dinner party, celebration, or small family get-together, you rely on nearly every appliance in your kitchen to get the job done.

Can you imagine trying to pull off a dinner party without the help of a refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher? Probably not. Your larger appliances are put to use on a daily basis-but when's the last time you showed these essential kitchen appliances a little bit of TLC?

It's never too late to adopt new cleaning habits to ensure your appliances stay in pristine condition for years to come. Whether you've just bought an oven, are trying to save an old dishwasher, or are looking for a new fridge, here are some tips on how to keep your large appliances clean and ready for any culinary or clean-up job.


You smell an odour emanating from your kitchen and set out to find the source. You look in pantries, on top of cabinets, and inch ever-closer to your beloved fridge. You open it up, nearly fall flat at the smell, and determine it needs a deep cleaning.

We've all experienced moments of dread-the sights, the smells, the spills-when it comes to refrigerator cleaning. Whether you have expired food, spilled leftovers, or rotten milk to clean up, use these tips for any mess to keep your fridge in tip-top shape.

  1. Take all food out of refrigerator.
  2. Throw away any inedible food.
  3. Take out all removable shelving units and drawers.
  4. Wash all shelving units and drawers.
  5. Clean the inside of the refrigerator.
  6. Dry off all shelving units and drawers.
  7. Place all shelving units and drawers back inside of the refrigerator.
  8. Place fresh food and clean jars, bottles, and containers back in refrigerator.

To keep the clean, odour-free aroma of your fridge for as long as possible, use a homemade air freshener or rub natural scents of vanilla, tea tree oil, lavender, or lemon every few weeks


Can you imagine what your life would be like without an oven? Instead of flipping a switch to cook, you'd have to gather firewood and build a fire before every dinner party or family feast. Luckily, ovens are easy to use and even easier to clean.

Although you may not be able to smell it, your oven tends to get dirty. Whether it's an accumulation of grease, charred food, or car bon, your oven needs a deep cleaning every few months. Here are some tips for a cleaner oven.

Self-Cleaning Oven

  1. Remove oven racks and place them in a sink full of soap and warm water.
  2. Turn on self-cleaning mode (which should also lock the door) and let the oven clean itself for about 5 hours.
  3. Open the oven door and sweep out all ashes.
  4. Clean the oven door with a vinegar and water solution.
  5. Clean the oven racks with soapy water and place them back into the oven.

Traditional Non-Self-Cleaning Oven

  1. Remove the oven racks and place them in a sink full of soap and warm water.
  2. Make a cleaning solution (combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda into a 1-liter spray bottle filled with water).
  3. Spray down the entire oven and let the solution soak for one hour.
  4. Remove loose carbon (built-up black bits) with an ice chip or scraper.
  5. Spray the oven's inside walls with solution again.
  6. Wipe down oven with a mix of vinegar and water.
  7. Clean the oven racks with soapy water and place them back into the oven.

Textured Oven

  1. Remove the oven racks and place them in a sink full of soap and warm water.
  2. Wipe the oven's interior with a wet sponge (only clean a cold oven).
  3. Clean the oven racks with soapy water and place them back into the oven.

To keep your oven clean, use a baking sheet to catch spills or clean up any spills the moment they happen.


When it comes to clean-up, do you expect your dishwasher to do its share? As odd as it seems, dishwashers can clean nearly ever kitchen essential except itself. If you expect your dishwasher to handle its load, you need to do your part to keep it clean.

  1. Remove all holders and racks and place each item into a sink full of water and vinegar.
  2. Clean all debris from dishwasher with small pliers (check in holes and hooks).
  3. Wipe the edges of the door.
  4. Use bleach to remove mildew and/or mould.
  5. Use dishwasher-safe rust remover for stains.
  6. Dry off and place all holders, racks, and parts back into the dishwasher.

And voilĂ ! In six easy steps you can transform your dishwasher from a filthy appliance to a fully-functioning machine.

You constantly rely on your kitchen to help you out in times of need, but show a little love and keep your larger appliances clean. Use these tips and your next dinner party or get-together should go off without a hitch.