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Remodeling Your Kitchen Appliance

More people today are opting to remodel their home instead of moving to a new one. Remodeling gives the homeowner power over design and allows them to create their perfect dream home.

One of the most remodeled rooms in any home is the kitchen. A main component of the kitchen remodel is upgrading the appliances.

Before you Buy

There are a few things you will want to consider when thinking about upgrading your kitchen appliances. Cost falls into the most important consideration for new appliances. When remodeling your kitchen appliances, create a budget for yourself.

Your appliance budget should take into account the price of the appliances as a whole and the energy savings of new appliances. Older appliances are less energy efficient which results in a higher monthly energy bill. When you buy energy-efficient devices you not only save money, you may become eligible for government rebates or tax credits.

Check with your tax professional before buying new equipment for your kitchen.

Consider your style before purchasing new appliances. What is the overall feeling you want to have in your kitchen? Are you trying for modern, colonial, or country? Your personal style will affect your overall appliance choice.

The last thing you will want to consider is the function of the new appliances. Are you the type of person who cooks a seven course meal three times a day or do you spring for take-out more often? Does your family eat a lot of frozen foods or do they like freshness? How you use your kitchen will directly impact your appliance choices.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators come in three main styles: top-mounted freezer, side-by-side, and bottom mounted freezer. Each style offers a different feel and utility to your fridge and kitchen. Top and bottom-mounted freezers offer a large amount of storage space. Some people prefer bottom-mounted freezers because it raises the main cabin of the fridge to a more usable location.

What else do you want from a fridge? Today’s refrigerators come with a variety of features that can increase their functionality. Many modern models may include:

  • Water dispensers
  • Ice dispensers
  • Smart defrosters
  • Wi-fi
  • Touchscreen technology
  • Built-in television

While some of these additions are more common than others, the more add-ons your fridge has, the more expensive it will be, not only in price, but also in the cost to run it.

You will also want to think about the space your refrigerator will use. Each brand will have varying sizes. Make sure you take measurements of the space your new fridge will occupy. This will guide your buying decision.

Rangers, cooktops, and ovens

The first question you want to ask yourself when deciding between a range, cooktop, or oven is does your home have natural gas, or will you operate on electricity? Both have pros and cons. A gas range can operate when the electricity is out. On the other hand, Electric appliances are cheaper and easier to install.

A range combines an oven and cooktop in one. One of the benefits of having a range is the consolidation of space. If you’re limited on space in your kitchen, a range neatly maximizes space.

But if you are looking to explore the space of your kitchen, you may want to divide the two. Place a cooktop anywhere you have fittings for it.

Wall-mount ovens are growing in popularity and offer a unique alternative to the traditional drop-in model. Because they sit higher on the wall, you can check on baking food without having to crane your neck.


When buying a dishwasher, consider the amount of cooking you do in your home and the amount of noise you can handle.

The more you cook, the more you are going to use your dishwasher. But what you cook will also affect the amount you use your dishwasher. Dishes stained with heavy grease or caked with cheese can be hard to get clean.

With older technology, some dishwashers seem to take multiple washes to get dishes completely clean. Some new designs allow dishwashers to know when the load is completely clean. Even those without this technology may feature a number of different cycles to provide a deeper clean.

The other main consideration you will want to make is the amount of noise you want a dishwasher to make. A wash cycle can be loud and irksome. Noise echoes on hardwood, laminate, and tile, making cleaning your dishes something you don’t want to listen to.

Luckily, many late-model dishwashers come equipped with a whisper mode. This limits the noise produced while offering the same level of clean.

You are going to have to live with your choice of upgrades. Make sure that you don’t try and save money on a model that does not truly fit your style. As you consider how to renovate your kitchen, consider the effect of new appliances.

If you are unsure about where to begin, visit a respected retail to get more information.